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Cruise Ships – Lush Casinos, Extravagance And Unique Experiences


Cruise ships are your gateway to a bright world, with all that Las Vegas has to offer

– luxurious casinos, hundreds of game variations, free drinks; famous shows, restaurants bearing the signatures of great chefs, Aqua Park, go-kart track, swimming pools, spa – and most importantly, if you choose the right boat, it takes you to white and silky sands, azure and clear oceans, warm and friendly sun, all in a perfect equation – the dream vacation. If you have not been on a cruise before, you should know first of all, that for a week and even more, you move to a floating city. This industry has evolved tremendously, entering so much that it can offer the most unique experiences, wild parties, 5D cinema, go-kart racing, vertical walls for mountaineering, some of the longest water slides, the most famous shows in Las Vegas and in addition, you have the opportunity to wake up on a different island every day. Some of the largest cruise ships ensure the vacation of as many as 4,500 guests at a time, plus an additional 2,000 crew members, who work 24/7 to ensure one of the best vacations of your life. .

Best Casino Cruise Ships - Top Cruise Ships for Gambling Vacations

Norwegian Cruise Line

-the Norwegian cruise line takes the grand prize. With two new additions, Norwegian Getaway and Norwegian Breakaway, this floating industry delivers the most extravagant holidays. The casinos are classic in style, cover no less than 18,000 square meters and have over 300 Vegas-style slots, over 25 gaming tables – blackjack, roulette, craps, Texas Hold’Em and Three Card Poker. NCL is famous for its weekly poker tournaments, but also for its annual competitions, which bring together hundreds of professional players, each with a different VIP status. The members of this Club have many differential treatments and a top VIP bettor can spend a free week aboard an NCL, thanks to the casino, in Garden Villa, the top apartment of the cruise line.

Carnival Cruise Line

Gambling on the High Seas - Fun Facts About Cruise Ship Casinos | One Step  4Ward

– a cruise line that is synonymous with luxury, brings different casino themes to the board and treats this industry similarly. Players can be of any level, from beginners, who benefit from free lessons to high rollers, who participate in the best tournaments offshore. Banking is extremely simple in this floating industry and is similar, regardless of the cruise line chosen. Payments, and here we refer to all onboard payments, are made through a personal card, which works as a credit card, without interest, but also as a key to the apartment door. All expenses are recorded on this card and payments are paid at the end of the cruise. The Carnival line has luxurious casino lounges that accommodate all categories of players. from slot lovers to poker or blackjack tournament enthusiasts. The bonuses and promotions in this industry are not similar to those in the online environment, but neither is the experience. A casino night on a Carnival cruise ship is something that should be put on every player’s list.

Royal Caribbean International

– is the cruise line that fulfills your dream of playing sbobet ibc in the most luxurious American-style casinos. The venues cover 10,000 square meters and offer all categories of games, from modern slots to the latest board game competitions. The vibration of the American style is successfully rendered by an elegant and bright decor, which invites players to a dress code suitable for these lush salons. Oasis of the Seas and Allure os the Seas, two of the largest ships in the fleet, are the best destinations for players looking to spend their cruise nights in a unique atmosphere. The casinos of the two ships have over 400 slot games and over 20 gaming tables, which provide all categories – roulette, blackjack and all variations of poker.

Celebrity Cruises

– is a perfect choice if you want less hustle and bustle. The ships on this cruise line are a little smaller than the giants we talked about earlier. The same goes for casinos, where fewer games are accommodated, but we are talking about hundreds of variations when we mention slot games. Celebrity Cruises enters the equation that brings elegance and refinement at the same time. The casinos are a bit smaller, but they manage a total of 240 slots, plus variations of table games. What is important to know about this line is that each casino has different variations of games and this can be an important reason when choosing the next cruise. Make sure he has his favorite game!


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